Professor Ed Hinds FRS

Ed Hinds FRS

Imperial College London

Ed Hinds FRS has undergraduate and doctoral degrees in physics from Oxford University. He has held Chairs in Physics at Yale University, Sussex University and Imperial College London and he is currently a Royal Society Research Professor and Director of the Centre for Cold Matter at Imperial College. He is a Fellow of the Optical Society of America, the Americal Physical Society, the Institute of Physics and the Royal Society, and was awarded the 2008 Thomson Medal and Prize of the IoP and the 2008 Rumford Medal of the Royal Society.

His research is on fundamental problems in physics and on new methods for producing and manipulating cold atoms and molecules. Past highlights include the most precise measurement of the electron’s electric dipole moment (i.e. its shape), the first observation of the anisotropic vacuum in a cavity, and the first measurement of the Casimir-Polder force between an atom and a surface. His current work can be described under three headings: (i) Quantum coherent manipulation of atoms and photons on atom chips; (ii) Production and applications of cold molecules; (iii) Tests of fundamental physical laws, especially measurement of the electron’s electric dipole moment

Ed currently Chairs the EDAN committee after spending three years as a member of that group. This involvement reflects his firm belief that a fair, open and diverse scientific community is bound to be stronger, more creative and more productive – and indeed more fun to work in!

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