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Edmund Copeland

Professor Edmund Copeland

Research Fellow


University of Nottingham

Research summary

My research interests are in the field of early universe cosmology. In particular I am trying to understand the origin of the universe and the generation of the primordial seeds from which all subsequent structure in the Universe emerged. It is an exciting field of work, bringing together the smallest length scales in science through particle physics with the largest length scales found in cosmology. One of the most exciting recent developments has been the realisation that the Universe is not just expanding, it is accelerating, meaning that distant galaxies are moving apart from one another with ever increasing velocities. To do that requires energy, but where has it come from? It accounts for around 70% of the energy density in the universe today, yet we have no idea what it is. If you couple that with the fact that 25% of the universe is made up of dark matter that we don’t yet fully understand, it leaves just 5% that we fully understand - the particles you and I are made of. Determining the nature of this 95% is vital if we are to understand the nature and evolution of our Universe. The subject area is of huge interest to the general public, who doesn't want to know about the universe they live, its past and and its furture. Although my work has no direct application I hope that the information I can deliver and the enthusiasm I can convey for the subject is of benefit to society.

Grants awarded

Using cosmology to test models of the early universe

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: Jan 2008 - Dec 2012

Value: £60,000

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