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Edwin Perkins

Professor Edwin Perkins FRS


Elected: 2007


Edwin Perkins is a mathematician renowned for his pioneering work in probability theory. He has solved problems concerning the behaviour of Brownian motion by applying nonstandard analysis to probability theory. His work has answered previously unresolved issues and paved the way for new research.

He studies interacting particle systems arising from stochastic models of populations that include competing species, as well as predator–prey and symbiotic systems that experience random reproduction, migration and selection. By establishing theories for stochastic mathematical models, his work has enabled more precise predictions of mathematical probabilities to be achieved.

Edwin is an elected fellow of a number of prestigious scientific societies and has been a member and chair of influential committees, including the Royal Society of Canada’s Academy of Science Council. He has won numerous awards for both excellence in research and teaching, including the Jefferey–Williams prize of the Canadian Mathematical Society in 2002.

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