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Elif Nur Firat Karalar

Dr Elif Nur Firat Karalar

Research Fellow


University of Cambridge

Research summary

The centrosome is a conserved organelle that organizes the microtubule network, and nucleates the primary cilium, a nexus for cell signaling pathways. Centrosome and cilium dysfunction are associated with a variety of human diseases including cancer, as well as genetic disorders that are characterized by kidney, neuronal defects among other developmental ones. Therefore, a better understanding of the regulation of centrosome structure, function and number during cell division will reveal fundamental mechanisms important in normal cell function and disease. Ultimately, our research will help to better understand these disease mechanisms and will allow development of diagnostic tools and therapies for them that take new advantage of the new mechanisms revealed by our research.

Grants awarded

Dissecting the role of centriolar satellites in spatiotemporal regulation of centriole duplication

Scheme: Newton Advanced Fellowship

Dates: Dec 2016 - Dec 2019

Value: £108,500

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