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Facundo Batista

Dr Facundo Batista

Research Fellow


Cancer Research UK (LRI & clinical units)

Research summary

B lymphocytes form an integral part of the immune system via the production of specific antibodies and by establishing immunological memory. However, this is not without risk and therefore, the steps leading to B cell activation must be strictly controlled to prevent the unnecessary activation of bad B cells, which in turn can contribute to autoimmune diseases. In the Lymphocyte Interaction Laboratory, we endeavours to drive a broad and comprehensive understanding of the cellular and molecular events leading to B cells becoming activated as well as understanding how they can differentiate into antibody producing cells. We address this by combining the power of genetics with biochemistry and advanced imaging technology. A Clear understanding of these events will be invaluable not only in the fight against cancer and infectious disease, but also in the treatment and prevention of autoimmune diseases.

Grants awarded

Visualizing dynamic molecular and cellular events underlying B cell activation

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: Jul 2009 - Jun 2014

Value: £50,000

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