Professor Craig Jon Hawker FRS

Director of Materials Research Laboratory and Professor of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Materials, University of California, Santa Barbara.

Craig Jon Hawker is one of the world's foremost pioneers in the design and synthesis of functionalized macromolecules. His outstanding body of work on the creative development of new synthetic strategies for the creation of novel polymers has revolutionized the field of polymer synthesis and has been extensively cited and widely recognized. He has introduced numerous innovative and influential concepts for the synthesis of complex, nanostructured materials being a pioneer in the fields of dendritic macromolecules, living free radical polymerization, click chemistry and block copolymer lithography. Each of these fields is in itself a vibrant and emerging area of science. His work on novel materials has been a key driving force behind the growing convergence of synthetic polymer and organic chemistry and has led to both significant scientific discoveries that have changed the direction of materials research as well as new technological applications in biomaterials and microelectronics.

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