Professor Ludwig Dmitrievich Faddeev ForMemRS

Chief Researcher, St Petersburg Branch of the Steklov Mathematical Institute.

Faddeev's career has been devoted to St Petersburg with frequent visits to Europe, the USA and elsewhere. He has made critical contributions to nuclear physics (the quantum three-body problem) and to particle physics (the definitive quantum treatment of non-abelian gauge theories, now the basis of the Standard Model of strong, weak and electromagnetic interactions, entailing the introduction of Faddeev-Popov ghosts); for these he was awarded the Dannie Heineman Prize in 1975. He has contributed to theoretical physics and mathematics by developing the algebraic Bethe ansatz, a large, widely applicable, conceptual framework, vastly extending ideas of Bethe, Yang and Baxter, leading to notions of quantum groups and the quantization of solitons.

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