Dr Lyndon Rees Evans CBE FRS

LHC Project Leader, CERN.

Lyn Evans is an outstanding expert in accelerator physics. His contributions have underwritten CERN's successes in experimental physics in recent decades. His elucidation of performance limitations allowed the CERN SPS to exceed its design performance by more than an order of magnitude, and was essential for the success of the anti-proton collider that discovered the W and Z bosons. He led the conversion of the SPS into an injector for LEP, and played a key role in commissioning and developing LEP, which established the Standard Model of particle physics. As LHC project leader, he made major improvements to its design. Under his leadership, the critical components of the LHC, including the most challenging super-conducting magnet system ever built, were produced, installed and commissioned. The first circulation of beams was achieved with astonishing speed in September 2008, testifying to the excellence of the design choices, instrumentation and control systems.

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