Professor Edward Manin Stolper ForMemRS

Edward Stolper

William E. Leonhard Professor of Geology and Provost, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, Caltech

Edward Stolper is renowned for his experimental and theoretical work on melting and igneous processes on the Earth, Mars and asteroids. He was the first to propose that the SNC meteorites came from Mars. He developed the sandwich method of multiple saturation which enabled quantification of melting in the mantles of Earth and other planets. He developed the first quantitative model of water speciation in glasses and silicate melts and showed that water dissolves both as OH and as molecular H2O. He was the first to show that silicate crystals float in their melts at very high pressures with implications for the differentiation of large silicate planets. He was the first to demonstrate a linear relationship between extent of melting and source water contents in the back-arc environment.

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