Professor Janet Hemingway FRS

Janet Hemingway

Director,  Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, CEO of the Innovative Vector Control Consortium and the International Director of the Joint Centre for Infectious Diseases Research, Jezan, Saudi Arabia

Janet Hemingway is distinguished as the international authority on insecticide resistance in insect vectors of disease. She was first to report co-amplification of multiple genes on a single amplicon and demonstrate their impact on disease transmission. Her studies on resistance management have transformed the use of insecticide by disease control programmes. Her promotion of evidence-based monitoring and evaluation strategies for insecticide resistance has guided and improved international policy on vector control strategies for Onchocerciasis, Malaria, and other vector borne diseases. Her rigorous scientific approach to resistance analysis has contributed to a greater understanding of resistance, its impact and spread and has minimised its effect in increasing human mortality and morbidity.

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