Professor Dorothy Bishop FBA FMedSci FRS

Wellcome Principal Research Fellow, Professor of Developmental Neuropsychology, Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford

Professor Dorothy Bishop FMedSci FRS

Dorothy Bishop is the leading researcher on developmental disorders affecting language and communication. Her work has been foundational for the genetics of developmental disorders: she has been a pioneer in the use of twin data to reveal genetic contributions to language disorders, using theoretically motivated measures to refine the heritable phenotype. She has devised measures that differentiate types of language impairment and are now indispensable for both research and clinical diagnosis. By comparing and contrasting dyslexia, specific language impairment and autism, Bishop has challenged views of these as discrete conditions, and illuminated what is shared and distinctive about each disorder.

Using psychology to inform genetics and vice versa: examples from neurodevelopmental disorders (MP3)
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