Professor Gareth Morris FRS

Professor of Physical Chemistry, School of Chemistry, University of Manchester

Professor Gareth Morris FRS

Gareth Morris is one of the world's foremost innovators in high resolution nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and has had a major influence on the determination of chemical structure by NMR. Almost all commercial NMR spectrometers contain hardware and software that he originated, including deuterium gradient shimming (now standard on commercial spectrometers) and ingenious pulse sequences such as DANTE (the prototypical selective excitation sequence) and INEPT (now a key component of multidimensional NMR techniques, including many of those used for protein 3D structure determination). The impact and wide applicability of Morris’s contributions have made them indispensable components of the state-of-the-art NMR toolkit.

Controlling and exploiting spin-spin interactions in NMR spectroscopy (MP3)
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