Professor Paul Midgley FRS

Professor of Materials Science, Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, University of Cambridge

Professor Paul Midgley FRS

Midgley is distinguished for many innovations and impressive applications of transmission microscopy, diffraction and spectroscopy, particularly the pioneering development of sub-nanometre-scale electron tomography. His combination of high-angle dark field tomography and spectroscopy revolutionises the 3-d characterisation of materials and heterogeneous catalysts. He has successfully mapped dislocation networks with diffraction contrast tomography. With his world leading position in medium resolution electron holography, he has been able to combine this with tomography in 3-d mapping of electric fields and dopant distributions in semiconductor devices. His brilliant applications of electron diffraction to sub-micron structures, heavy fermion systems and mixed-valent manganites were important breakthroughs.

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