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Filipe Cabreiro

Dr Filipe Cabreiro

Research Fellow


University College London

Research summary

Diabetes is a global epidemic (366M people by 2030), fuelled by ageing populations and poor dietary habits. The health and socio-economic consequences are vast and escalating. Diabetes is a chronic disease associated with a 10-year shortening of life expectancy and other severe complications. Diabetes is managed by improving diet and lifestyle or drug treatments such as metformin which is the most widely prescribed drug worldwide. Interestingly, metformin has additional long-lasting benefits on human health, also reducing ageing. However, little is known about the mechanisms involved. Recently, I showed that metformin mimics the effects of dieting in worm metabolism by affecting their gut bacteria. In mammals, bacteria living in the gut play an important role in performing many vital functions for the host organism. Furthermore, defects in gut bacteria have been linked to metabolic diseases. An exciting and interesting idea is that drugs could alter bacteria in the mammalian gut as a w ay of treating or prev

Grants awarded

Exploring the Gut Microbial Action of Metformin: Targeting the Gut Microbiota to Treat Metabolic Disease.

Scheme: Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Dates: Feb 2014 - Feb 2019

Value: £978,613

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