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Florian Steinberg

Mr Florian Steinberg

Research Fellow


University of Bristol

Research summary

My research area is the field of endosomal membrane trafficking. This discipline studies how cells move certain parts of the membrane or organelles and the associated proteins to other parts or places of the cell. These processes are immmensily important for cell homeostasis and have recently been shown to be key factors in the etiology of certain cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. In this context I investigate how certain endosomal proteins recycle membrane proteins from the cell surface through intracellular compartments back to the cell surface. This kind of recycling has been shown to promote the invasive migration of metastasizing tumor cells, thereby helping tumor cells to spread through the body, ultimately killing the patient. My work could help to identify compounds that block these processes, thereby preventing the spreading of tumors into other organs.

Grants awarded

Role of SNX4:SNX7 and SNX4:SNX30 complexes in surface receptor recycling and cell motility

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2011 - Feb 2013

Value: £104,000

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