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Frederick Manby

Professor Frederick Manby

Professor Frederick Manby

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Novel electronic structure theories for molecules and solids

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Organisation: University of Bristol

Dates: Jun 2013-May 2018

Value: £75,000

Summary: Lay summary: Everything you can see around you is made of chemicals. Even the very process of seeing what is around you can be understood in chemical terms. Networks of chemical reactions govern all functions of living organisms; chemistry plays a complex role in the intricate balance of ocean, biosphere and climate; and our knowledge of chemistry underpins our ability to manufacture fertilisers that sustain half of the world's population. Making sense of complex chemical problems requires models — models that provide frameworks for thought, as well as providing concrete, numerical predictions. The theory of quantum mechanics, which describes the physics of small things, has given us many concepts for understanding chemistry: it explains molecular structure, the nature of the chemical bond, and chemical reactivity. In our group we work on quantum chemistry which goes beyond conceptual models to make numerically reliable predictions about what chemicals will do. We devise approximations to the equations of quantum theory, and turn our approximations into software that can be used by all sorts of chemists to make predictions and understand experiments. In the course of my fellowship, research in my group will focus on three main areas: (i) conceptual advances in quantum chemistry; (ii) development of methods and software tools for predicting properties of molecules; and (iii) development of multiscale strategies for extending quantum chemistry to more complex chemical challenges.

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Organisation: University of Bristol

Dates: Oct 2000-Sep 2008

Value: £264,918.81

Summary: This project summary is not available for publication.

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