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Gavin Morley

Dr Gavin Morley

Dr Gavin Morley


Gavin Morley works on novel magnetic resonance instrumentation for quantum physics and technology. He has developed world-leading magnetic resonance spectrometers for controlling both electron and nuclear spins simultaneously in high magnetic fields. He used one of these to measure an electrically-detected spin coherence living 50 times longer than the previous record, by applying a magnetic field 25 times greater than earlier experiments. This research used phosphorous dopants in silicon which are central to modern computer chips but may in future allow us to build quantum computers.

He has also enhanced nuclear spin polarization by a factor of over 1000 in a high magnetic field by making use of a new type of dynamic nuclear polarization. This initially took advantage of C60 buckyballs containing a single nitrogen atom but has now been extended to other materials.

With lower magnetic fields, he discovered that bismuth quantum bits in silicon have advantages over the better-studied phosphorous dopants. His more recent work uses single nitrogen-vacancy centres in diamond to develop quantum-enhanced magnetic field sensors and to test the extension of the quantum superposition principle to ever larger objects.


Research Grants Board 20K: Physical SciencesJanuary 2018 - December 2020Member
Editorial Board of Proceedings of the Royal Society AJanuary 2015 - December 2017Member
International Exchanges CommitteeJanuary 2014 - December 2016Member
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