Professor Henning Sirringhaus FRS

Henning Sirringhaus is an outstanding researcher in the field of organic electronics, best known for his studies on charge transport in organic semiconductors and device engineering. Having started his career in physics, Henning now leads a research group devoted to developing organic — or plastic — electronics. Early in his career, he pioneered a technique for studying ballistic electron transport through a variety of materials and their interfaces.

His work bridges the gap between academic research and its commercialisation. For example, Henning’s insights into organic transistors played a large part in enabling their development into a manufactured technology. His work on novel processing methods, such as inkjet printing of organic semiconductor devices, has led to the creation of new manufacturing methods.

Henning was rewarded for his original discoveries and contributions to the national prosperity of the United Kingdom — through spin-out Plastic Logic — with the Royal Society’s Mullard Award in 2003. Most recently, he received the Society’s Hughes Medal in 2013 for his pioneering work on plastic semiconductors, including engineering dramatic improvements in their function and efficiency.

Subject groups

  • Engineering

    Engineering, electrical


  • Hughes Medal

    For his pioneering development of inkjet printing processes for organic semiconductor devices, and dramatic improvement of their functioning and efficiency.

  • Royal Society Mullard Award

    For his work on plastic semi-conductors and his contributions to the national prosperity of the UK through the spin out company Plastic Logic Ltd.

Professor Henning Sirringhaus FRS
Elected 2009