Dr Jeremy Burroughes FREng FRS

Jeremy Burroughes is a physicist and engineer who has made valuable contributions to the development of plastic — or organic — electronics. His work on the science of semiconducting polymers and molecules, as well as their diverse applications, has enabled the growth of numerous new technologies.

Early in his career, Jeremy discovered that certain conjugated polymers were capable of emitting light when an electric current passed through them. The discovery of this previously unknown form of electroluminescence led to the foundation of Cambridge Display Technology where, as Chief Technology Officer, Jeremy has been responsible for numerous technology innovations, including the direct printing of full-colour OLED displays.

Jeremy has been widely recognised for his high-impact work, and in 2009 was made a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering. In 2002, he was one of the winners of the academy’s prestigious MacRobert Award, and he shared the 2005 Society for Information Display’s Jan Rajchman Prize for his discovery of polymer LEDs.

Subject groups

  • Engineering

    Engineering, semiconductors, Engineering, electronics

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry, organic, Chemistry, materials

Dr Jeremy Burroughes FREng FRS
Elected 2012