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Jiajun Zhu

Dr Jiajun Zhu

Research Fellow


University of Manchester

Research summary

My research interests are optical, electrical and electronic properties of novel materials. In particular, my research efforts aim to develop novel applications of graphene and other two-dimensional materials. Since its isolation in 2004, graphene has captured the attention of scientists, researchers and industry all over the world due to its excellent properties. It is the thinnest and hardest nanomaterial. The virtually transparent material absorbs only 2.3% of the incident light, with higher thermal conduction coefficient. It is a superb conductor and can act as a perfect barrier, not even helium can pass through it. Intercalation of graphite with alkali metals has been shown to superconducting compounds from the two non-superconducting components. We plan to make the wonder material graphene superconductive, which means electricity can flow through it with zero resistance. When electricity can flow without resistance, it can lead to significantly more efficient electronic devices, not to mention power lines. The new property adds to graphene's already impressive list of attributes, like the fact that it is stronger than steel, harder than diamond, and incredibly flexible.

Grants awarded

Electronic and Optical Phenomena of Alkali Metal Doped Graphene Nanoribbons

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2018 - Mar 2020

Value: £99,000

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