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John Burrows

Professor John Burrows FRS


Elected: 2016


John P. Burrows has contributed to our scientific understanding of air pollution, the ozone layer, the upper atmosphere, biogeochemistry and climate change. He and his co-workers have studied the kinetics and spectroscopy of key atmospheric free radicals and gases, developed innovative in situ trace atmospheric measurement techniques, and pioneered the passive remote sensing of atmospheric constituents and surface parameters. Working closely with DLR, ESA and NASA, he initiated and led scientifically the SCIAMACHY Project, which resulted in the satellite based measurements of the instruments GOME on ESA ERS-2 (1995-2011), SCIAMACHY on ESA Envisat (2002 -2012), GOME-2 on EUMETSAT Metop Series (2006-2022), and the concepts GeoSCIA/GeoTROPE, now developed as EU Copernicus Sentinel 4, and CarbonSat/CarbonSat Constellation.

He is a fellow of AAAS, AGU, IUGG, and NERC:CEH and member of IAA. His research accolades include being awarded the following: COSPAR William Nordberg Medal 2006, NASA Group Achievement Award 2008, JQSRT Milestone Paper Award 2010, Haagen-Smit Prize 2012, EGU Vilhelm Bjerknes Medal 2013, IUGG Silver Medal IUGG 2015, and the Alfred Wegener Medal EGU 2016.

Professional positions

Professor of the Physics of the Ocean and Atmosphere and Director, Institutes of Environmental Physics and Remote Sensing, University of Bremen
Fellow, Centre For Ecology and Hydrology, Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

Interests and expertise

Subject groups


“Atmospheric constituents”, “Atmospheric pollutants”, “Brewer Dobson circulation”, “Global Climate Change”, “Meteoritic ablation”, “Polar mesospheric clouds”, “Upper atmospheric ozone”, Air pollution, Air quality