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Katie Perry

Dr Katie Perry


Dr Katie Perry is a member of the Steering Group for the project Leading the way: Increasing diversity in the scientific workforce.

"The Daphne Jackson Trust is a Charity that is solely dedicated to returning scientists to their careers after a prolonged break.  Therefore diversity issues are part of my everyday work and are something I am committed to.  Having known Daphne Jackson personally – she was the country’s first ever female physics professor and was my head of Dept at Surrey – I know the integrity with which she set up the fellowships scheme.  Daphne was partly the reason that I moved away from research, as she has asked me to do her talks in schools for her when she became ill, and I realised that I wanted to pursue a career in science communication.  I spent five happy years running the public understanding of physics programme for the Institute of Physics until I had my Daughter and then was devastated when the Institute did not want to know about part time working and I was forced to leave. Diverse teams are more productive and I feel very strongly about giving all the workforce a chance to be who they are and work to the limits of their potential with no prejudice."


Participated Role
Leading The Way Steering Group
2013 to 2015 Member
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