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Lajos Hanzo

Professor Lajos Hanzo

Professor Lajos Hanzo

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Intelligent Giga-Bit Optical- and Quantum-Wireless Information Infrastructure

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Organisation: University of Southampton

Dates: Aug 2013-Jul 2018

Value: £25,000

Summary: As detailed at ** and at **, the majority of the globe's population carries a mobile phone, but with the proliferation of smart phones and tablet-computers the tele-traffic will grow 1000-fold over the next decade, especially, when aiming for ubiquitous and flawless 'tele-presence' based on crisp, flawless video services with their sense of joy and wonder, which inspired me to write my related books. But immersive tele-presence requires a further 'quantum-leap' from the popular 3G/4G smart-phones/tablet-computers, which spurs me on. Despite relinquishing the analogue TV-bands, a 1000-fold bandwidth-increase is required for enticing tele-presence. Hence I would like to conquer new spectrum for the ubiquitous intelligent information infrastructure by complementing the existing RF systems with Visible-Light Communications (VLC) based Optical Wireless (OW) hotspots (**, **), relying both on their ad hoc networking and on radical Quantum-Domain (QD) enhancements. I would like to accelerate repeating the wireless revolution of the past 2-3 decades in both VLC/OW and in the QD. As a societal benefit, the 'Ubiquitous' project will contribute to job- and wealth-creation in numerous ways, as exemplified by the often-quoted economic benefits of 3G/4G phones on businesses. From an environmental perspective, flawless tele-presence has the potential of eliminating millions of flights/trips and hence will considerably reduce CO2 emissions (** **), whilst reducing the related business-costs as well as saving precious time for the work-force. However, the transfiguration of the voice-only phone into today's intelligent smart-phone/tablet-computer was facilitated by a 1000-fold transmission-rate increase, which resulted in a proportionally increased power consumption, CO2 emissions and in a soaring energy-bill. Tele-presence based on crisp Avatar-style 3D video has even higher bitrates and energy consumption. These radically new high-rate 3D tele-presence services can no longer be accommodated in the severely congested RF band. According to BIS and EPSRC, an intelligent ICT infrastructure is needed by our vibrant digital economy (** **) with emphasis on QD research (** **). I am fascinated by the prospect of creating radically new OW systems operating in the license-free visible light domain using Light Emitting Diode (LED) transmitters and receivers, allowing 'data-hungry' users to simply walk to a visible OW hotspot. This will stimulate the industrial construction of OW devices, holographic displays, cameras etc. The telepresence quality-of-experience will be tested using my holographic video-display (** **) Additionally, I would enjoy conceiving radical QD parallel-search techniques for solving the VLC/OW reception and message-routing problems, where often strange physical laws prevail - according to Einstein, they boarder onto 'spooky phenomena'... However, they facilitate parallel processing - a truly fascinating high-gain, high-impact subject I aspire to conquer!

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