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Maciej Boni

Dr Maciej Boni

Research Fellow


University of Oxford

Research summary

Influenza (the flu ) is a respiratory disease that kills hundreds of thousands of people worldwide every year. Flu epidemics in colder climates occur in the wintertime, and the virus is able to come back every year because it is constantly evolving to escape our immune defenses. Every 20 or 30 years, influenza causes massive global outbreaks, known as pandemics, when a new influenza strain enters the human population. The last of these started in March 2009, and although it was quite mild, p andemics have the potential to be widespread and extremely lethal. It is generally believed that seasonal flu and pandemic flu originate in Asia, but not enough supporting data have been collected to determine this conclusively. During the course of this fellowship, I will investigate how influenza viruses circulate in Vietnam through a combination of community- and hospital-based studies. This will help us understand (1) how many people in Vietnam are infected with flu every year and how s evere these infections are

Grants awarded

Epidemiology of Human Influenza in Vietnam.

Scheme: Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Dates: Jul 2012 - Jul 2017

Value: £1,019,746

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