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Manus Hayne

Dr Manus Hayne

Dr Manus Hayne


Manus Hayne’s research interests are in the physics and applications of low-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures (quantum wells, wires and dots), especially their study in high magnetic fields. He collaborates with many UK and European universities, research institutes and companies.

Current research includes the study of quantum dots in different materials systems, with a particualar emphasis on 'type-II' GaSb quantum dots and quantum rings embedded in GaAs. These structures confine positive charge (holes) in a very deep potential, but do not confine electrons. This makes them very different from conventional 'type-I' quantum dots that confine both electrons and holes. Besides their unusual physical properties, GaSb quantum dots also have potential for applications in a wide range of areas including memories, solar cells, quantum information processing and lasers.

Other areas of active investigation currently include the confinement properties of 'conventional' InAs/GaAs quantum dots, strain-free GaAs/AlGaAs quantum dots and transport properties of two-dimensional electron gases.


International Exchanges CommitteeJanuary 2013 - December 2018Member
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