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Marcos Ennes Barreto

Professor Marcos Ennes Barreto

Research Fellow


University College London

Research summary

My research is related to the integration of Brazilian governmental data from diverse sources (socioeconomic, public health, census, clinical) to provide support for different epidemiological and statistical studies aimed to i) evaluate the effectiveness of Brazilian social protection programmes (cash transfers, housing, cisterns etc) on health outcomes, ii) monitor nutritional growth and educational development of children diagnosed with microcephaly due to Zika infection and iii) design and validate predictive analytics methods applied to malaria data. The science I am involved with comprises probabilistic data integration (when relationships among data sets present high uncertainty) and the use of artificial intelligence methods to support the analysis of this multi-sourced data. The main outcomes of my work so far comprised a data linkage tool (named AtyImo), which is able to link massive data sets (more than 100 million individuals) in a reasonable time (up to 7 days), a machine learning model to evaluate linkage accuracy, and predictive analytics models applied to malaria epidemics. These models and tool are supporting different Brazil-UK initiatives focusing on the evaluation of public health policies and, as such, can contribute towards the provision of accurate evidences to support decision-making processes related to these policies.

Grants awarded

Treating heterogeneity and uncertainty in data integration: study on Brazilian healthcare databases.

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Nov 2016 - Oct 2018

Value: £98,400

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