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Matija Popovic

Dr Matija Popovic

Dr Matija Popovic

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Understanding the molecular basis of frataxin turn-over

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Organisation: National Institute for Medical Research

Dates: Jan 2013-Dec 2014

Value: £98,750

Summary: My research area is structural biology and biochemistry of the proteins involved in iron-sulfur cluster assembly in euakryotes and prokaryotes. To structurally characterize these proteins and to dissect their interactome is important not only for understanding the exact role of the machinery components but also in view of its involvement in a number of diseases (among which the incurable neurodegenerative Friedreich’s ataxia). In one of my projects I want to use a semi-synthetic approach and complementary biophysical techniques to study how ubiquitination affects the frataxin structure and its interactions with its binding partners. This approach should both provide new directions for FRDA treatment and provide new tools for ubiquitinating proteins. In other another project I am using bacterial and mammalian in-cell NMR techniques to characterize frataxin and other proteins involved iron-sulfur cluster assembly. These approach should resolve many contradictory data obtained from in-vitro biochemical characterization. At the same time, any improvement of in-cell NMR area would make this challenging technique more suitable and more applicable in future biochemical and medical research.

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