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Maziar Nekovee

Dr Maziar Nekovee

Dr Maziar Nekovee

Research Fellow

Grants awarded

A Grid-based Platform for Simulations of Mobile Wireless Networks

Scheme: Industry Fellowship

Organisation: BT Group plc

Dates: Oct 2006-Sep 2010

Value: £97,020.22

Summary: WiFi is the fastest growing wireless technology today, and has revolutionised wireless communications. Cognitive radio is the next disruptive technology in wireless communication and is considered to be “WiFi on steroids”. I am developing novel stimulation platforms based on parallel and grid computing for computational experimentation, exploration and innovation of very large scale WiFi and cognitive Radio mobile wireless networks. One important aim is to explore in collaboration with British telecom and UCL how WiFi technology can be used to create high-speed ad hoc networksbetween millions of vehicles as they move on the road network.” Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) supported by such cooperating networked vehicles show greater promise for safer roads, reduced congestion and lower emissions. Another important aims is to develop and evaluate innovative solutions based on cognitive radio technology for competitive delivery of next generation broadband wireless services to the public in unused TV bands (the so-called TV White Spaces). A major thrust of this research, which is being carried out in collaboration with Microsoft, Dell and BBC, is to provide high-speed and cost-effective wireless broadband access to rural areas in the UK and the USA. Another is to investigate the fasibility of using the technology for the provision of ubiquitious ultrfast mobile brodaband in cities and towns (wireless cities).

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