Dr Michael Rudnicki OC FRS

Michael Rudnicki is a recognized thought leader in stem cell research whose work has transformed our understanding of muscle regeneration. His discovery and characterization of muscle stem cells provided key insights into their specification, signaling and transcriptional control mechanisms, and differentiation potential. He identified novel mechanisms regulating asymmetric stem cell division allowing the modulation of regeneration efficiency. He discovered that Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy results in perturbation of stem cell polarity and reduced stem cell function. His work set the stage for innovative therapeutic approaches for the treatment of muscle wasting diseases.

Michael holds a Canada Research Chair, is a past International Research Scholar of the HHMI, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, an Officer of the Order of Canada, and leads the Canadian Stem Cell Network.

Professional position

  • Senior Scientist and Program Director, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
  • Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Subject groups

  • Biochemistry and molecular cell biology

    Biochemistry and molecular biology, Cell biology (incl molecular cell biology)

  • Microbiology, immunology and developmental biology

    Developmental biology, Genetics (excluding population genetics)