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Michelle Ma

Dr Michelle Ma

Dr Michelle Ma

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Multimeric chemical platforms for molecular diagnostic imaging of cancer using technetium-99m

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Organisation: King's College London

Dates: Apr 2012-Mar 2013

Value: £104,000

Summary: My research is focussed on designing and evaluating new diagnostic imaging agents based on clinically available radionuclides. This involves attaching a radioactive atom to a biological targeting group. The biological targeting group specifically accumulates in diseased tissue, as it possesses components that the diseased tissue recognises and captures. In this way, the radioactive atom is delivered to the diseased tissue. Then, using special cameras, the activity can be detected in a patient, and the site of disease anatomically located. The image can provide information on the patient's diagnosis, prognosis and response to therapy. The ability to image disease in this way circumvents the requirement for invasive surgical procedures that pose a significantly greater risk to the patient's wellbeing. My work principally involves working on new chemical platforms that are designed to deliver a higher dose of radioactivity (as a proportion of the administered dose) to the diseased tissue more effectively than current technologies. Such improvements to current technology will result in higher quality images and greater sensitivity when detecting diseased tissue, along with more detailed pathological information. These improvements will ultimately benefit patients, in that the clinical results will enable doctors to tailor treatment for each patient resulting in improved outcomes for patients.

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