Dr Mike Bonsall

Mike Bonsall completed his undergraduate and doctoral training at Imperial College London. After two postdoctoral positions (also at Imperial) he was awarded a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. He is now Reader in Zoology and University Lecturer in Mathematical Biology in the Department of Zoology at the University of Oxford, and Fellow at St. Peter's College, Oxford.

He leads a research group on mathematical biology (http:\\merg.zoo.ox.ac.uk) that focuses on integrating theoretical and empirical problems in the life sciences. The group is enthusiastic about science, its dissemination and teaching. Particular themes of research in the group range from problems in mammalian developmental biology and stem cell dynamics, through to evolutionary and ecological biology and the dynamics of psychiatric disorders such as bipolar disorder. Broader science engagement has involved participating in the Royal Society Summer Science exhibition and the 2013 Big Bang Fair.

Mike has been a member of the EDAN committee since 2009 and was formerly a member of the Rosalind Franklin committee. Besides working on the EDAN committee, he is currently involved in the policy study as part of the Royal Society's diversity programme on Leading the way: increasing diversity in the scientific workplace.

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