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Mike Dodds

Dr Mike Dodds

Research Fellow


University of York

Research summary

I'm interested in applying the tools of CS theory - logic, proof, and formal semantics - to tricky engineering problems. Most of my work is about verification - essentially, using maths to guarantee that software can't go wrong. My main targets are the concurrent data-structures that lie at the heart of multicore systems. These are key systems components, but they're also particularly hard to get right. My work is about finding the right logical abstractions to make systems that are maintainable, secure, and free of bugs. Most of my work at the moment is about building tools that can reason about programs automatically - I'm currently developing called Starling, which is able to verify algorithms that were previously beyond the scope of verification.

Grants awarded

Principled Reasoning About Liveness

Scheme: Industry Fellowship

Dates: Sep 2015 - Jul 2017

Value: £51,575

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