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Nathan Griffiths

Dr Nathan Griffiths

Dr Nathan Griffiths

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

The Self-Learning and Connected Car

Scheme: Industry Fellowship

Organisation: University of Warwick

Dates: Oct 2015-Sep 2019

Value: £120,466.37

Summary: Modern vehicles are equipped with tens of computers and thousands of sensors, giving the potential for a vehicle to model its driver and environment, and paving the way for autonomous cars. However, despite significant progress, there are many unsolved challenges. In the short term, artificial intelligence (AI) technology can offer some of the convenience, safety and efficiency benefits of autonomous cars in mainstream vehicles. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) recently announced its vision for a self-learning car (SLC) that minimises driver distractions, enhances safety, and delivers a personalised driving experience. By automatically adjusting vehicle settings and presenting drivers with information just at the right time the SLC will reduce driver distraction. The SLC will predict the destination, advise on congestion avoidance and parking, and notify others if the driver is delayed. A number of challenges must be overcome to create the SLC, requiring the application of advanced research techniques. For example, the SLC needs to know the driver's and passenger's preferences, the driver's mental load, and predict environmental factors such as congestion and weather. The aims of this fellowship are to: (i) model individuals' life patterns from in-vehicle data, (ii) model the driving environment and enrich our driver models using external sources such as calendars and call records from their smartphones, and (iii) profile driver types and behaviours and develop strategies to influence driver behaviour.

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