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Nigel Hitchin

Professor Nigel Hitchin FRS


Elected: 1991


Nigel Hitchin is one of the leading differential geometers in the country. He has played a prominent role in the remarkable interactions between geometry and physics that are now taking place. His work combines a thorough understanding of classical Riemannian and algebraic geometry together with an imaginative use of new ideas and techniques. He has been especially successful in applying Roger Penrose’s twistor theory to a wide range of interesting problems. He has also made important contributions to the geometric study of solitons and geometric aspects of supersymmetry.

Interests and expertise

Subject groups


generalized geometry, hyperkahler geometry, integrable systems, Riemannian geometry


  • Sylvester Medal

    For his important contributions to many parts of differential geometry combining this with complex geometry, integrable systems and mathematical physics interweaving the most modern ideas with the classical literature.