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Noel Hush

Noel Hush

Professor Noel Hush AO FRS


Elected: 1988


Noel Hush’s research focused on the area of homogeneous and heterogeneous electron transfer. Noel was one of the first to show that electron transfer is adiabatic, or nearly so, and his theory has been experimentally confirmed for electron-transfer steps at metallic electrodes. It is now accepted also that the majority of outer sphere electron-transfer processes between ions are adiabatic. Noel recognised that electron transfer can occur by either optical or thermal mechanisms and that the corresponding rates are closely connected theoretically; Henry Taube’s experimental studies have been underpinned by these theories. Significant experimental studies of mixed valence complexes and, most recently, of long-range electron transfer in biological systems demonstrate further the range of innovative contributions which Noel made to chemical physics.

Professor Noel Hush AO FRS died on 20 March 2019.

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