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Oliver Fenwick

Dr Oliver Fenwick

Research Fellow


Queen Mary, University of London

Research summary

Each person is emitting almost 100W of heat into the air around them.

Waste heat is a vast resource and tapping into even a small part of this would help us meet our current and future energy needs.

Any temperature gradient has the potential to do useful work, and thermoelectric materials, the subject of Dr Fenwick’s research, have the ability to convert temperature gradients into electrical power. This provides a route into this huge energy resource, yet the performance of existing thermoelectric materials still falls short of that required for most applications.

Dr Fenwick’s research focusses on organic semiconductors which are a promising new class of thermoelectric materials. They incorporate the benefits of large area solution processing, almost infinite chemical tunability and, for polymers, mechanical flexibility. In fact these properties could even lead to wearable thermoelectric generators which could power small consumer or medical devices.

In his work, Dr Fenwick hopes to unravel the complex physics and chemistry underpinning organic thermoelectric materials with the belief that this will enable the synthesis of new, more efficient materials in the future.

Grants awarded

Organic thermoelectrics in multiple structural and transport regimes

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2015 - Oct 2020

Value: £492,780.46

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