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Oscar Palomar Perez

Dr Oscar Palomar Perez

Research Fellow


University of Manchester

Research summary

My research focuses on how to make computers more efficient, consuming less energy for doing the same (or more) work. One important aspect of my approach to this problem is to take advantage of the repeated operations on multiple values, and provide very efficient designs for these. I also develop specialised designs for the applications. There are many different possible alternatives for the designs and their combinations, and I am interested in ways to automatically find the best system as well.

How do the designs look like depends largely on the application that runs on the computer. In my fellowship, I look at certain computer vision algorithms, that take video sequences as input and have to determine the movement of the camera, that can be attached to a mobile phone, a robot, etc. With my research, I aim at a drastic reduction in the energy required for this task. Achieving this goal will open up new opportunities for using computer vision algorithms. Examples are augmented reality mobile apps that do not drain the battery, or robots that can move autonomously for a long time.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

MACHETE: Design of MAny-Core HETErogeneous processors for advanced computer vision

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2016 - Feb 2018

Value: £101,000

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