Dr Peter Cotgreave

Peter Cotgreave

Peter Cotgreave is the Director, Fellowship and Scientific Affairs.

Born in North Wales and educated in Shropshire, he graduated in biology from the University of York. He then took a doctorate from the University of Oxford, where he studied the population biology of birds. In his research career as an ecologist, he studied birds, insects and plants in Europe, the Caribbean, South America and Africa. He was awarded the British Ecological Society's Charles Elton Award for an outstanding scientific paper on his bird research, written while working at the Université Claude Bernard in France. He then became lecturer in Ornithology and Human Sciences at the University of Oxford. He has also taught and examined for University College London, Florida State University and the Uganda Wildlife Service.

For three years, Peter Cotgreave worked as a Conservation Biologist and Development Officer at the Zoological Society of London, combining scientific research with a role liaising between the research arm of the organisation and the other sections of the Zoological Society.

Peter Cotgreave was Director of Campaign for Science & Engineering for nine years, leading a significant growth in the organisation's campaigning activities on behalf of British science and engineering.  That role involved meeting with ministers, civil servants and business leaders; talking to auidences varying from primary school children to Trades Unions; interacting with the media; and publishing comment analysis and research.

He has a large number of scientific publications, as well as many popular articles and is the author of an undergraduate text book, Introductory Ecology. He also wrote Science for Survival, which examines the current and historical relationships between society, politics and science in the UK.

He is a member of the Parliamentary Affairs Committee of the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Science Board of the Institute of Physics, the Board of the Science Media Centre, and the Editorial Boards of Animal Conservation; Innovation Policy Review and People and Science. He was an honorary senior research fellow at University College London from 1998 to 2007 and Research Associate at the Royal Geographical Society's expedition Mkomazi in Tanzania in 1996-1997. He is a fellow of the Zoological Society of London.

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