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Polly Arnold

Professor Polly Arnold


Polly Arnold holds the Crum Brown Chair of Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh.

Her research is focused on exploratory synthetic chemistry, specifically the design and synthesis of metal compounds that can activate small, traditionally unreactive molecules such as carbon oxides and hydrocarbons, with the ultimate goal of developing these into innovative catalytic transformations. By working with some of the heaviest and most reactive metals, including uranium, new fundamental knowledge that can help with understanding the behavior of nuclear wastes.

Polly has received a variety of awards and prizes including the Seaborg Lectureship 2015 (University of California Berkeley, USA), the Corday Morgan 2012 and Edward Frankland 2008 prizes from the Royal Society of Chemistry, and a Hans Fischer Senior Fellowship from the Institute of Advanced Study at the Technical University of Munich, where she leads a focus group on hydrocarbon C-H bond activation.  Supported by the Royal Society's 2012 Rosalind Franklin award, Polly also made 'A Chemical Imbalance', a film and book that celebrates women in science, and explores the issues that contribute to their continuing under-representation.


Participated Role
Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowships Selection Committee
2014 to 2019 Member
Editorial Board of Proceedings of the Royal Society A
2014 to 2016 Member
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