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Raymond Ogden

Raymond Ogden

Professor Raymond Ogden FRS


Elected: 2006


Raymond Ogden is recognised as a leading authority on the nonlinear theory of elasticity and its applications. His distinguished theoretical contributions include the derivation of exact solutions of nonlinear boundary value problems, for both compressible and incompressible materials, and an extensive analysis of the linear and nonlinear stability of pre-stressed bodies and related studies of elastic wave propagation.

In the field of applications, Raymond’s work on modelling the elastic and inelastic behaviour of rubber-like solids has been highly influential. In recent years, he has considerably widened his range of interests and made major contributions to the biomechanics of soft biological tissues, the electroelasticity and magnetoelasticity of electromechanically sensitive elastomeric materials, and the effects on residual stress in materials that are capable of large elastic deformations.

Raymond was awarded the ASME Koiter Medal in 2005 and the Prager Medal of the Society of Engineering Science in 2010. His book, Non-Linear Elastic Deformations, published in 1984 and reissued in 1999, has become a standard reference and a source of stimulus to workers in this branch of solid mechanics.

Professional positions

George Sinclair Professor of Mathematics, School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Mathematics
    • Applied mathematics and theoretical physics


Continuum mechanics, Nonlinear elasticity, Biomechanics , Nonlinear electromechanical interactions

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