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Richard Flavell

Professor Richard Flavell CBE FRS


Elected: 1998


Richard Flavell is a molecular biologist who studies the molecular and genetic makeup of plants and food crops. Richard has developed several core technology platforms for plant genomics and biotechnology and is an advocate of commercial bioenergy crops, which produce organic materials that can be converted into fuel.

He was one of the first plant molecular biologists in the United Kingdom and established a laboratory at the Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge (now the John Innes Centre). Richard combines advanced plant breeding and biotechnology to increase our understanding of key genetic traits in crops. Using genetic manipulation, Richard has developed agricultural products that offer increased biomass, providing greater returns from smaller areas of land, thus offering more sustainable form of renewable energy.

Richard is currently the Chief Scientific Advisor to Ceres, an agricultural biotechnology company that markets seeds for energy crops used in the production of renewable transportation fuels, electricity and other bio-based products. He received a CBE in 1999 for his services to plant and microbial science.