Professor Robert Birgeneau FRS

Robert Birgeneau has performed careful experimental investigations of complex materials in order to subsequently interpret their properties. In particular, he has used neutron and X-ray scattering to make important observations on a variety of systems chosen because they display interesting long-range or quasi-long-range order.

His work on the magnetic structure and spectra of layered materials and chains has made fundamental contributions to our understanding of the influence of dimensionality on phase transitions.

After serving as the President of the University of Toronto and as the Chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, he returned to full time teaching and research. His current research is focused on the newly discovered iron pnictide and chalcogenide superconductors.

Professional position

  • Professor of Physics, Department of Physics, University of California, Berkeley
  • Co-chair, Lincoln Project on Public Higher Educ., American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Ambassador, Science Philanthropy Alliance
Professor Robert Birgeneau FRS
Elected 2001