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Sankar Jana

Dr Sankar Jana JSPS Postdoc Fellow

Research Fellow


University of St Andrews

Research summary

I have focused on development of a new confocal laser scanning microscope for photosynthetic research and examined the exciton transfer pathways among different chlorophylls in photosystem I, retinal protein gloeobacter rhodopsin (gR) and its binding kinetics with synthetic retinals and study of excitonic coupling between them etc. In my PhD study, I have designed and established the photophysics of new Intramolecular Charge Transfer (ICT), Excited State Intramolecular Proton Transfer (ESIPT) and ICT coupled ESIPT molecules and their applications in biological protein, cyclodextrin (CD) and miceller environments. I have also worked on the ion sensors which are biologically important and environmentally pollutant, multifunctional materials.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

TWIN-FRET: A Novel Perspective for Next Generation Distance Measurement in Biological Systems

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Feb 2018 - Jan 2020

Value: £99,000

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