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Shijin Feng

Professor Shijin Feng

Research Fellow


University of Southampton

Research summary

Landfill is the primary means to deal with municipal solid waste (MSW) in many developing countries including China, and it will predominate as the final disposal for residues of waste treatment method in the long run. In North America and parts of Europe the concept of bioreactor landfills, which involve the recirculation of leachate into landfills to distribute moisture and nutrients so as to enhance the degradation of wastes and the recovery of energy, has been adopted. However, bioreactor landfills have the potential to exacerbate some environmental problems. Hence research into bioreactor landfills in China, where the nature of the waste may cause specific challenges not previously investigated, is required to maximize their economic and environmental benefits. The overall aim of the research project is to understand and control bioreactor landfill processes within typical Chinese landfills to benefit resource recovery. With Prof. William Powrie at University of Southampton, we first intends to determine the hydraulic and air conductivities of MSW under different conditions. In addition, we will research the multi-field interactions in landfills using a large laboratory model experiments. A numerical model will be developed, and active liquid-gas control measures to create the optimal biodegradation environment in bioreactor landfills will be proposed. In addition, we plan to develop guidance for bioreactor landfills on the UoS’s landfill decision support website.

Grants awarded

Multi-field coupling mechanism and liquid-gas active control in bioreactor landfills

Scheme: Newton Advanced Fellowship

Dates: Mar 2016 - Feb 2019

Value: £92,252

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