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Tida Ge

Dr Tida Ge

Research Fellow


Bangor University

Research summary

My main area of research has focused on understanding below-ground processes with specific focus on nutrient behavior in soil-plant-microbial systems, with a special emphasis on carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus behavior in agricultural soils. This involves work in soil fertility improvements, crop productivity. Current applications of Ge’s work include carbon sequestration in paddy agricultural systems, the mechanistic understanding of carbon fluxes and pools in plant-soil systems by isotopic tracing techniques, particulate organic carbon in farm systems. Another aspect of research currently undertaken by Dr Ge is in solving microbial mechanisms of nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus cycling and transformation in soil; microbial process of greenhouse gas emission from agricultural field; function of microorganisms in rhizosphere. As a Newton Advanced Fellowship awarder, Dr. Tida Ge will work with Prof. Davey Jones from Bangor University with the topic of crop rhizodeposition.

Grants awarded

The role of rhizodeposition in carbon sequestration and nutrient mobilization in the subsoil of agricultural crops

Scheme: Newton Advanced Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2015 - Oct 2018

Value: £101,400

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