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Tim P Vogels

Dr Tim P Vogels

Dr Tim P Vogels

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Controlling balanced cortical dynamics on slow and fast time scales.

Scheme: Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Organisation: University of Oxford

Dates: Mar 2013-Mar 2018

Value: £704,896

Summary: A human brain is blind to all sensory perception. It must assemble a sensible representation of the world as it is relayed from its sensory organs. Additionally, it must decide which features of the over-all signal to lend privileged attention to, and which ones to ignore. How does this happen? We can record brain activity at all scales, from the energy consumption of large functional areas to cellular dynamics on the scale of micrometers. We can predict the behavior of a single cell in corte x if we know the input. However, we cannot predict the input itself because we still cannot access the wiring that connects each neuron to the rest of the brain. As a theoretical neuroscientist, I can provide the missing link. I assemble computer models of cortical networks that contain our cumulative current knowledge. Experimental data from many different levels serves as an input for my model, and I test if it's possible to predict how this activity will develop in the next moments of the simulation. This way, I can

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