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Vittorio Badalassi

Dr Vittorio Badalassi

Research Fellow


Rolls Royce

Research summary

Nuclear power generates around one sixth of the United Kingdom's electricity. For future power generation the government assumes a requirement of 60 GWe of net new generating capacity by 2025, of which 25 GWe to come from nuclear.

Nuclear energy is the world's largest source of emission-free (no air pollutants and no greenhouse gases). Nuclear energy also contributes to national energy security and ensures stable nationwide electricity supply since is not subject to unreliable weather or climate conditions, unpredictable cost fluctuations, or dependence on foreign suppliers.

Nuclear power plants though are one of the most complex engineering systems in the world and their safety needs to be guaranteed to the utmost level. These are the reasons why nuclear engineering is such a challenging, intellectually stimulating and socially responsible discipline.

This project is focused on 2 research areas: 1) boiling processes in nuclear reactors 2) novel reactor physics numerical methods.

1) The boiling process is a fundamental heat transfer mechanism of nuclear reactors in both normal and accident conditions. The boiling process though is too complex to be calculated using “pen and paper” and the use of modern simulation techniques is mandatory. The work proposed is to make extremely detailed, water-steam interface-tracking, direct numerical simulation studies of the growth of individual and multiple vapour bubbles from which to infer models needed for ‘macroscopic’ simulations of boiling.

2) Discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods are the latest state of the art methods for accurate high order discretizations of reactor physics models with discontinuous solutions. The work I co-lead with Dr. Eaton resulted in the development of the state of the art code RADIANT II. Such a code has unparalled speed and accuracy for 3D shielding and criticality calculation in reactor physics aand find application in small *submarine" and power reactors.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Fundamental studies of boiling in nuclear reactors

Scheme: Industry Fellowship

Dates: Sep 2013 - Aug 2017

Value: £94,318.48

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