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William Fyfe

William Fyfe

Professor William Fyfe CC FRS


Elected: 1969


Well known for his contributions to knowledge of the physical chemistry of rock metamorphism, William Fyfe’s approach is from able experimentation and thermodynamics, coupled with an expert knowledge of field occurrence and petrography. Under hydrothermal conditions, he has investigated the crystallisation of amorphous silica and has synthesised aluminosilicates, and been especially concerned with hydroxyl-ion catalysis.

In 1958, he was the leading contributor to a joint monograph with Francis J. Turner and John Verhoogen which led to a new understanding of equilibrium relations in the metamorphic facies. His work on glaucophane schists employed experimental methods to produce evidence of the kinetics of the aragonite/calcite transformation under natural conditions. He has contributed to the problems of atomic bonding and is the author of a standard work on solid-state geochemistry.

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Organismal biology, evolution and ecology
    • Environmental biology
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