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Yongjiang Huang

Dr Yongjiang Huang

Research Fellow


University of Hull

Research summary

My research interest includes glass forming ability, mechanical behaviors, and structural and functional applications of bulk metallic glasses (BMGs).

Nowadays, BMGs, as a kind of advanced materials, have received longstanding interest from materials science community due to their high performance, especially the excellent mechanical properties. However, the limited global plasticity seriously limits their widespread applications as promising structural materials. It is noteworthy that the discovery of ductile BMGs and their composites opens a new window for gaining a fundamental knowledge of the micro-mechanisms of metallic glass mechanics.

In the project, the plastic deformation behaviors of Ti-based BMGs and their composites will be systematically studied using synchrotron X-ray and in situ scanning electronic microscopy. The stress/strain evolution and its effect on the deformation features will be explored. The issue is of interest not only in materials science and engineering but also in fracture mechanics and fracture physics. The obtained results will enhance the understanding of the origin of the plastic deformation of ductile BMGs and to explore possible methods how to improve the intrinsic ductility of BMGs through investigation of the microstructure of the post-deformed glassy phase and the deformation behaviors. It is expected that the proposed research will shed more insights on the intrinsic deformation mechanism of BMGs at atomic scale and assist in the wider research aim of producing ductile BMGs and their composites for industrial applications.

Grants awarded

Synthesis and in-situ study of deformation mechanism of ductile bulk metallic glass composites

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2012 - Mar 2014

Value: £66,000

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