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Zdenek Bažant

Zdenek Bažant

Credit: W.P. Pfeffer

Professor Zdenek Bažant ForMemRS

Foreign Member

Elected: 2015


Born and educated in Prague (Ph.D. 1963), Bazant joined Northwestern University in 1969; W.P. Murphy Professor (1990-) and simultaneously McCormick Institute Professor (2002-); Center for Geomaterials Director (1981-87).

Inducted to NAS, NAE, Am. Acad. of Arts & Sci., Royal Soc. London; to academies of Italy (Lincei), Japan, Austria, Spain, Czech Rep., Greece (Athens), India and Lombardy; also Academia Europaea, Eur. Acad. of Sci. & Arts. Honorary Member: ASCE, ASME, ACI, RILEM and 3 European soc; 7 honorary doctorates: Prague, Karlsruhe, Colorado, Milan, Lyon, Vienna, Ohio State; Austrian Cross of Honors for Science and Art (2016); ASME Medal; Timoshenko, Nadai and Warner Medals of ASME; von Karman, Freudenthal, Newmark, Biot, Mindlin and Croes Medals and Lifetime Achievement Award of ASCE; SES Prager Medal; RILEM L’Hermite Medal; Exner Medal (Austria); Torroja Medal (Madrid); Solin and Bazant Sr. Medals (Prague), etc; SES President (1993), founding president of IA-FramCoS (1992), IA-ConCreep (2001). In 2012, CSM established in Prague ZP Bazant Prize for Engrg. Mechanics. In 2015, ASCE established ZP Bazant Medal for Failure and Damage Prevention.

Published 8 books: Creep Structural Analysis; Scaling of Structural Strength, Inelastic Analysis, Fracture and Size Effect, Stability of Structures, Concrete at High Temperatures, Prob. Mechanics of Quasibrittle Structures; Concrete Creep and Hygrothermal Effects. In 2019: H-index 129, citations: 74,000 (on Google, incl. self-cit.), i10 index: 635. One of the  original top 100 ISI Highly Cited Scientists in Engineering ( In 2019 Stanford University weighted citation survey published in PLOS, he was ranked among 100,000 scientists no. 1 in civil engineering and no. 2 in engineering of all fields worldwide.

He is Illinois Registered Structural Engineer. His 1959 patent of safety release ski binding is exhibited in New England Skiing Museum.

Professional positions

Distinguished McCormick Institute Professor, McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Engineering
    • Engineering, structural, Engineering, aeronautical, Engineering, civil, Computer engineering (including software), Materials science (incl materials engineering), Engineering, mechanical, Nuclear technology
  • Earth and environmental sciences
    • Geophysics


fracture mechanics, creep, concrete, composites, mechanics of materials, size effect and scaling, structural engineering, hygrothermal effects, random material strength

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